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Multimedia collage



    Hadlee Meier Sweet 16

    Bertha Bree in partnership with Brazilian Designer Mônica Alves developed a personalized Planner for Hadlee Meier's Sweet 16.

  • Studio Florida

    Roberta Salgado, founder of the Bertha Bree brand, renovated her studio and adopted her 3 favorite colors: White, Pink and Gold.

  • Studio Michigan!!!

    Step into our charming new studio nestled in the heart of Michigan. Our space exudes coziness and cuteness, adorned with whimsical teapots and delightful woodland decor. Whether you're seeking a serene spot to unleash your creativity or simply unwind in a magical setting, our studio invites you to immerse yourself in warmth and inspiration. Join us for a cup of tea and let your imagination soar in our enchanting sanctuary.